Athens 2004
Olympic NOC Pins

The first ever gracefully made and published, high resolution, high quality Reference Guide of National Olympic Committee Pins and Badges, carried  by  the  201  National  Olympic  Delegations  that participated in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Vol. 1, 264 pages. 

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by Ioannis Thomakos  (author)

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Number of Pages:  264

Editor:  Epsilon World

Publication date:  October 2018

Book Category (Genre):  Olympic History & Legacy

Language:  English

ISBN:  978-618-83801-1-0

Book Dimensions (W x H):  23 cm x 32 cm  (9 in x 12.6 in)

Shipping Weight:  2 kg  (4.4 lbs)

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Book Content

The Book contains one of the biggest and most complete NOC Pin Collections in the world on a single Olympiad, including more than 1670 NOC Pins and Badges, derived from 201 different countries.  

The Book by itself is a Collector's item. It is the first ever elegantly made and published, high resolution, high quality Reference Guide of National Olympic Committee Pins and Badges, which were proudly carried, by the 201 National Olympic Delegations that participated in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Benefits and Advantages - Why you should buy this Book 

•  First of all, the Book is of great historical significance to all 201 countries that participated in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games because it  contains the NOC Pins & Badges, the Flags, the National Emblems and the Symbols of each National Olympic Delegation.

•  The Book is also of great practical value to all National Olympic Committees that participate in forthcoming Olympic Games, because it will greatly assist them in the future, in the design and layout of their NOC Pins and Badges. 

•  The Guide is an excellent reference tool for Olympic Collectors & Historians. Collectors can utilize it to complete their NOC Pin Collection faster and Olympic Historians can use it as a model and blueprint, upon which, more Olympic Reference Books can be prepared and published in the future. 

•  The Book besides the fact that it's the first of its kind, it's a work of art and it has high educational value. It will be a great addition to every Olympic Library and also a memorable gift to be given to National Olympic Committee Members, Olympic Athletes, Olympic & Athletic Organizations, Sport Federations, Olympic Collectors & Historians, Members of the Olympic Family, Diplomatic Embassies and Consulates and generally to any person or entity who is a friend or supporter of the Olympic Games. 

•  It took the Author 15 years to complete his Athens 2004 NOC Pins Collection and another 2 years of hard work to prepare the Book for publication. We assure you that this beautiful Olympic Reference Book will be an excellent addition to your Olympic library for ever. 

•  The hard cover of the Book has been prepared with a special state-of-the-art  technology called "soft touch." This special technique gives to the hard cover a soft, smooth texture. The Book has been printed on a special "Velvet Paper" 150 gsm, which allows the pages to have a soft, silky texture. The smooth, satin hard cover and the soft velvet pages make the book a real pleasure to touch and feel. 

•  A limited number of Book copies with Soft cover and Spiral binding, will be available at the time of the Book's release, in order to satisfy those who prefer to have a Spiral bound, copy of the Book.


Essential Data and Key Points:

Number of Countries represented in this Book:  201

Number of Countries that participated in Athens 2004:  201

Total Number of NOC Pins & Badges:  1678

Number of Dated NOC Pins & Badges:  783

Number of Undated NOC Pins & Badges:  895

Number of Chef de Mission and Delegate Badges:  60

Number of NOC Pin Frames:  19

Number of NOC Plaques:  13

Number of NOC Medals:  18

Number of NOC Plates & Gifts:  5

The building of the NOC Pin Collection started in the year:  2003

The most recent addition to the NOC Pin Collection occured in the year:  2018

Number of years it took the Author to build the entire NOC Pin Collection:  15

Number of Hi-Resolution RAW Photos taken:  30,000 plus

Number of man-hours that were required to complete the Project:  25,000 plus

Number of years it took the Author to prepare the Book for publication:  2

Number of Photos that were processed with Photoshop:  3,000 plus

Number of NOC Pin “Olympic Rings” that were edited with Photoshop:  15,000 plus

Number of people that assisted in the preparation of the Book:  3   (the author,  a photographer and a photoshop specialist).

Method of NOC Pins Presentation:  Alphabetically by Country

Types of NOC Pins & Badges included in this Guide:

• Dated NOC Pins

• Undated NOC Pins

• Chef De Mission & Delegation Badges 

• Dated Olympic Team Pins

• Undated Olympic Team Pins

• Sponsor NOC Pins

• Dated International Federation Pins

• Olympic Village Pins

Cover Page Photo:

Olympic Stadium after the Parade of Nations during the Opening Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Photos and Illustrations:

The Guide is fully illustrated with high quality, high resolution photos. 

Design & Layout:

This Book is an “Ellinourgima”, great Greek craftwork. It has been carefully crafted, taking into account the rules of harmony of the “Sacred Geometry” of ancient Greece. Excellence is embedded in the entire book from start to finish.

Source of NOC Pins:

The vast majority of the Book’s content is based on the Extended Collection of National Olympic Committee Pins & Badges and NOC Related Memorabilia of the author.

Author’s Note:

Although it’s nearly impossible to have a complete collection of dated and undated NOC Pins on any single Olympiad, we are confident to say that this Book contains more than 99% of the Athens 2004 NOC Pins & Badges known to the International Olympic Community.

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Athens 2004 Olympic NOC Pins

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This beautiful Reference Βοοκ brings into light a very important part of the History and Legacy of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games through the outstanding presentation of the NOC Pins and Badges that were worn and exchanged by Athletes and Delegation members of the 201 participating countries. I congratulate the author for his important contribution to the Olympic Movement and I highly recommend this Book to all friends and enthusiasts of the Olympic Games.

— Efthymios Kotzas

    Mayor of Ancient Olympia


The Guide is very well researched and documented and it is prepared in a professional, well organized manner. The two distinguishing traits of this impressive Book are “excellence and perfection.” Furthermore, this outstanding publication raises the ante on the way Olympic Reference Books should be written and it is an excellent model for future authors to follow. I firmly believe that this superb Reference Guide is destined to become an Olympic classic. I congratulate the author for his everlasting contribution to Olympic History & Legacy and I highly recommend this Book to everybody in the Olympic Family.

— Dr. Roman Andrzej Babut 

President of the International Association of Olympic Collectors


I extend to the author my heartfelt congratulations for his dedication and long term commitment to create this superb, high quality publication. Without a doubt, this Reference Guide is the most beautiful Olympic Book I have ever seen. I highly recommend this Book to everybody in the Olympic Movement and to all friends and supporters of the Olympic Games.

— Stavroula Kozompoli 

    President of the Hellenic Olympic Winners Association


This Book presents a wonderful collection of the NOC Pins and Badges that were worn and exchanged during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, among the Athletes and Delegation members of 201 countries. I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the author for this unique publication. This Reference Guide is an important contribution to Olympic History and I highly recommend it to everybody who loves and cherishes the Olympic Games.

—Eleni Lampadariou 

Manager of NOC Assistants - Olympic Village

Athens 2004 Olympic Games


Dear Gianni,  I received your "Athens 2004 Olympic NOC Pins" Book yesterday and I spent a few hours reading through it.  It is truly an awesome undertaking, certainly       the Gold Standard for the Ηistory of NOC Pins and Μemorabilia of the Athens 2004 Olympiad. I  think  that  this  historic publication  should be  a  "must-have"  for any     serious collector of NOC Pins,  and  also  an  inspiration  for others  to  follow  your       example for other Olympic Games in the future.  I  was also  impressed  with  your enthusiasm and pride  in your country's role  in the  founding and support  for the Olympic Movement.  I salute your marvelous achievement!                                                       Pete Wade, Olympic Collector & No. 1 Expert in the World, in Olympic NOC Pins

The “Athens 2004 Olympic NOC Pins & Related Memorabilia, Vol. 1" is the first well researched  &  organized  and  superbly presented,  high quality Book on National Olympic Committee (NOC) Pins.  It  is  prepared  by a very knowledgeable Olympic Historian and dedicated Olympic Collector.  It  is  an outstanding Reference Guide written by an uncompromising perfectionist.                                                                                          Dimitris Moschos, Olympic Collector & Recognized Expert in Olympic Pins

The Athens 2004 Olympic NOC Pins Guide grabbed my attention immediately. I was touched  by  the  excellent  design  and  the  overall  harmony  of  this  Book.  It's an excellent presentation of Olympic NOC Pins and Badges,  prepared by a world class Olympic Collector.  Based on my extensive knowledge in Pin Collecting  I can attest   that this is the best Olympic Reference Book on NOC Pins ever published.                                                                     Nikos Araitzopoulos, Olympic Collector & Philately Expert 



Ioannis Thomakos

Ioannis Thomakos was born in Athens, Greece. He is an Author, Historian, Explorer, Inventor, Lecturer and a dedicated Olympic Collector. He is the co-founder and President of Olympia Club a non-profit cultural and educational organization for friends and supporters of Ancient Olympia and the Olympic Games, based in Athens-Greece. He served his military service as a Second Lieutenant Reserve Officer in the Greek Army and he is a trained parachutist. He holds five University Degrees and several prizes, awards & distinctions. As an academic researcher his activities include exploration and Research of Non Recorded History, investigative Research in Symbolic Archaeology and Semantics, Decryption and Interpretation of Archaeological Symbols, Scripts and Codes, Olympic and Delphic History, Ancient Greek Literature and Philosophy, Lexiplasia and Ennoioplasia (Creation / Invention of new Greek words and notions). He is the inspiring force and creator of a large number of Ellinourgimata (great Greek craftworks). He is fluent in 6 modern and 4 ancient languages.





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